5 Quick and Easy Workouts For Truckers

Truck drivers often work long hours and have little time for recreational activities, like a daily fitness routine. It might be difficult to fit in a workout while on the road, but it isn’t impossible. We’ve put together a few exercises you can do on the go that can make a world of difference in your health and happiness.

1. Walk
It is recommended that everyone (not just truck drivers) do at least 15 minutes of vigorous exercise every day. This doesn’t have to be in a gym and can be as simple as taking a brisk walk at every pitstop. To get into this habit, take the parking spot furthest away from the door of a rest stop to get some extra steps in.
person walking

2. Push-Ups
The next time you are waiting on a load or on your break, try doing a few push-ups to increase your heart rate. Push-ups are a basic exercise that can go a long way if they are done correctly. They work multiple muscle groups, improve balance and stability, and help build muscle density.

3. Sit-Ups
Another quick exercise you can do in your free time is sit-ups. You can do these right in your sleeper since they don’t take too much room to complete. Or if you wake up a little earlier, you can get in a quick workout before you start your day. We suggest finding a comfortable space and technique that works for you.

4. Sleep
This might come as a surprise to some, but sleeping can actually help you keep off extra pounds. Sleep deprivation can be a factor that leads to weight gain. Make sure you get plenty of sleep to help stay alert and in shape.

5. Stretch
When you are waking up, it can help to do a few simple stretches to get your day started. Try some full-body stretches each morning to warm up your muscles.

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