5 Lean Manufacturing Tactics For Trucking

Lean manufacturing is the process of eliminating waste and finding efficiencies along the way. Waste is always being created, even when we try to be efficient in our waste removal. In short, there is always room for improvement. The lean manufacturing process has three stages that include identifying waste, analyzing the waste/finding the root cause and solving the root cause/repeat. It’s important for the trucking industry to incorporate lean manufacturing to create financial stability.

To dig deeper into the stages of the lean manufacturing process, check out these five lean manufacturing tactics for trucking:

1. Think Of The Customer While Creating Transportation Strategies

It’s always important to think about the customer while creating and executing transportation strategies. The strategies developed need to be understood by all and meet expectations of the company and the customer. If there is confusion on the expectations, it leaves room for wasted time and resources.

2. Get Rid Of Transportation Waste

Not all parts of transportation are wasteful, but it is critical to eliminate the parts that are. A few examples of waste during transport include the cost of waiting, equipment and staff. If you can get rid of wasteful transportation actions, you will be well on your way to a more lean manufacturing strategy for your company.

3. Evaluate Performance

It’s important to view transportation providers as strategic partners. To build and create a lean supply chain, you need to develop long-term relationships. The popular saying “you get what you pay for” could not be more accurate with this process. When organizations build positive, long lasting relationships, the outcome will be equally positive and beneficial, resulting in a leaner transportation strategy.

4. Be Familiar With Transportation Cost Structure

The two areas of transportation cost are unit costs and productivity costs. Instead of putting your focus on costs on the unit costs (i.e., carrier rates), focus on productivity. Productivity items include waiting time, trailer utilization and total miles ran. This way, you can negotiate deals that are frugal and fair for all involved and eliminate waste by becoming more productive.

5. Develop And Experience Event Management

Saving money and cost is a direct correlation on daily event management focus on waste reduction and identification. Each day, create a waste management plan and carry it out. If you find waste in your practice procedures, you will be able to eliminate it and prepare for the future. It’s the lean way to practice and prepare for your future.

Making various changes go a long way. These five tactics are all helpful for lean manufacturing for truckers and the trucking industry that can help you with your future. Interested in learning more about lean transportation tactics? Please, contact us.

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