5 Facts About Freight Brokers

Freight brokers act as intermediaries between shippers and carriers to connect freight that needs to be transported with carriers who have extra space. Read five reasons why you need a freight broker:

1. Freight brokers work with a variety of shipping methods

Freight brokers help get freight of all sizes to its destination. Whether the freight needs to be shipped by airplane, boat, truck or train, freight brokers can help coordinate it. Freight brokers also work with shippers to find the best mode of transport for the freight.

2. Freight brokers are knowledgeable

Freight brokers know the shipping industry inside and out. Many freight brokers have specialized supply chain training. Their knowledge and experience will ensure your shipment will go smoothly and arrive on time.

3. Freight brokers aren’t freight forwarders

Freight brokers never take possession of the freight. They help coordinate the shipment by matching the shipper with a carrier. Freight forwarders take possession of the freight and arrange for shipment.

4. Freight brokers help you save money

Freight brokers work as price negotiators between shippers and carriers to secure the best price for both parties.

5. Freight brokers ensure delivery

Freight brokers form relationships with reliable carriers for dependable delivery. They also track the freight to ensure it will be delivered on time. Freight brokers have technologies and equipment to provide accurate tracking and performance analytics, too.

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