5 Facts About LTL Shipping

Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping is a method for shipping smaller amounts of freight. If what you are shipping won’t fill a whole truck, LTL shipping may be the perfect solution. It is growing in popularity among a variety of businesses and is a great shipping option depending on the business’ needs.

1. One of the biggest benefits of LTL shipping is that it is cost effective for businesses shipping smaller freight loads. Since only part of the truck is used with LTL shipping, the cost is lower. The cost is usually split between the businesses that fill up the truck.

2. LTL shipping is an environmentally friendly shipping option. Instead of one business filling up a truck partway with a smaller shipment, LTL shipping allows multiple businesses to fill up one truck and split the cost, which saves on fuel.

3. Like other shipping methods, LTL rates are determined by a variety of factors and can vary depending on the trucking company the business ships with. Generally, rates are calculated by weight, distance and classification of freight.

4. LTL shipping is a flexible shipping option. Businesses are able to fill the truck with the amount of freight they have. If the business has smaller shipments at certain times of the year, they can use less of the truck at those times. When the demand increases, the business can fill up more of the truck with the product.

5. LTL equipment is the same as regular, full truckload equipment. There are temperature controlled trucks available for shipments that need to be kept cold.

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