5 Facts About Dedicated Fleets

As a shipper, it is important to know the differences between owning a private fleet and using a dedicated fleet. Each option has its own benefits but depending on your needs, a dedicated fleet may be a better option for you than a private one.

Companies that own dedicated fleets focus on trucking and transportation. A dedicated fleet is a group comprised of tractors, trailers, drivers and other resources, assigned to carry out the shipping operations of an organization or transportation network.

Small Shipments

Dedicated fleets are a great solution for organizations who are shipping Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments. Using a dedicated fleet for smaller shipments can actually decrease your costs. Dedicated fleets pull from a larger pool of trucks and equipment, which in turn saves money.

Variety of Equipment

Companies choosing to ship with a dedicated fleet, have access to a large variety of equipment including trailers in a variety of sizes and tractors. Equipment is expensive to buy and maintain, so there’s less worrying about the investment of buying a private fleet.

Specialized Equipment

Sometimes a shipment will require specialized, expensive equipment. Purchasing specialized equipment isn’t ideal when it’s not used every time. With a dedicated fleet, organizations have access to specialized equipment without a required purchase.


Dedicated fleets are more flexible than owning a private fleet. As demand changes, companies may need more or less equipment to ship products. With a dedicated fleet, companies don’t have to worry about purchasing more equipment for busy times and can can easily acquire extra trailers or special equipment as needed.


Depending on the needs of the company, a dedicated fleet may save money. We have services available to help weigh the various cost factors of owning a private fleet or using a dedicated fleet. Some of the cost factors assessed include:

  • Tractor/trailer utilization
  • Driver utilization and pay
  • Maintenance costs
  • Buying vs. leasing
  • Fuel consumption and purchasing strategies

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