5 Benefits Of Being A Truck Driver

Truck driving may not sound like a glamorous job, but it is necessary to get freight moved across the country. Today, more than ever, truck drivers are needed. There are many benefits to becoming a full-time driver.

1. Job Security

Freight will always need to be moved. As companies continue to grow, they will need more freight movers. Currently, there is a truck driver shortage, and gaps need to be filled. No matter the location in the country, truck drivers will be able to find a job. Good drivers will be secure in their positions.

2. Great Pay

There aren’t many jobs where you can have little training and experience and still make as much money as some college graduates! New truck drivers usually make $20,000-$40,000 per year. After just one year of experience, driver pay can increase to $50,000. As the truck driver shortage continues, many trucking companies are willing to pay more than average to attract good drivers. Some companies even offer bonuses to lure great drivers. Now is a great time to get started in the business.

3. Benefits

Along with the great pay, most trucking companies offer great benefits. Most companies offer health insurance, including medical, dental and vision insurance. Some offer prescription drug coverage, too. Many trucking companies also offer retirement plans and paid vacation time.

4. Freedom

Truck drivers are usually alone and have to be self-reliant. If you prefer working alone, truck driving may be the perfect job. While driving, truckers have the opportunity to reflect on their lives. The alone time is a great opportunity for self-improvement. Drivers can take the alone time as an opportunity to listen to audiobooks or podcasts and learn something new.

5. Work Flexibility

Truckers are needed all over the U.S. As a trucker, you can move anywhere in the country and find another trucking job because the demand for truckers is high. Unlike many jobs, truckers get paid to travel the country. Driving to different states to deliver shipments offers drivers the opportunity to view different areas of the country. Some trucking companies even offer truckers the option to pick the routes they want to drive. As a trucker, there is a lot of flexibility with the job.

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