4 Facts About LTL Shipping

LTL stands for less than truckload shipping. LTL shipping is when you ship small shipments of freight to and from locations. What you ship won’t fill a truck so you share the truck with others who have smaller shipments too.

1. Cost Effective

With LTL shipping you are only using part of a truck to ship your product, you won’t have to pay as much. Typically you will split the cost of the truck with the other companies using the other space in the truck.

2. Process

The shipment is weighed and rated then loaded onto the truck. This truck will contain other shipments from other customers too. These other shipments will typically be heading to the same geographic region as your shipment. The shipments are trucked to the regional terminals, and unloaded. Each shipment is sorted and placed on a different vehicle for delivery to the final destination.

3. Shipping Rates

The shipping rates for determined by a number of different factors including:
• Weight
• Classification of Freight
• Distance

4. Large Industry

The LTL industry is large, and growing. In 2013, the LTL industry was $26.5 billion dollars of the $700 billion dollar freight transportation industry total. Currently, the LTL industry is estimated at about $30 billion.

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