The 3PL Relationship

If you are deciding to outsource your logistical needs and work with a third party logistics provider (3PL) then you should understand that the relationship between the 3PL and you is key. This article highlights some ways to maintain a successful 3PL relationship.

1. Understand that a 3PL relationship is a partnership. You and the logistics company you work with should both lay out your expectations clearly and work as partners. If this understanding is reached right away it will make for a smoother relationship in the long run.

2. Treat your 3PL like you treat your employees. Essentially your 3PL is an extension of your company. Treat the employees of the 3PL like you would treat your employees for an effective relationship. It is important to invest time in relationships with the 3PL staff just like you do with your employees.

3. Set up a clear strategy. Make sure to work with your 3PL to create joint goals and strategies to reach them. By setting up a clear strategy right away, you and your 3PL will both be on the same page and the relationship has a better chance of being successful.

4. Define clear roles. The roles and responsibilities of both parties should be clearly laid out when entering into a 3PL relationship. Make sure everyone knows their role and how it fits with the bigger picture.

5. Communicate. Communication is essential in any relationship, especially a 3PL relationship. Make sure to keep the paths for communication clear between your company and the 3PL.

All in all, the more you put into the relationship the better the 3PL will perform. For more information on 3PL relationships, contact us.

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