3 Ways Using a Load Board Will Save You Time

A load board is a useful tool for both shippers and carriers. Load boards help shippers and carriers find loads of freight to carry or ship all over the country. Learn how using a load board will save you time:


Load boards make carriers more efficient by offering easy-to-find loads, wherever they may be located. Instead of driving with an empty trailer after delivering a load, carriers can fill their trailers with loads that need picking up. They can find the load to carry as soon as possible instead of wasting time, gas and money driving with an empty trailer.


Online load boards are updated frequently, ours is updated every five minutes, to have the most up-to-date information available. Shippers and carriers don’t have to spend much time finding information they need regarding shipments and freight.


When shippers have inconsistent demand or don’t have a consistent group of carriers to choose from to move their freight, a load board is beneficial. Shippers are easily and quickly able to list their load on the load board and get a carrier to move it.

These are a few of the many reasons to use a load board. Learn more about load boards in our previous blog articles:

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