3 Ways a Freight Broker Can Make Handling Your Freight Easier

A freight broker acts as the go-between for the shipper and a transportation service provider.
If you are on the fence about working with a freight broker, consider the following three reasons on how a fright broker will make handling your freight easier.

1. Flexibility & Scalability

A freight broker will allow you to be flexible with the amount you are shipping and with the times you are sending it at. They have access to a large database of carriers that are qualified to transport your goods. They help you find the right shipper/carrier match during critical periods. For example, they help you find a carrier when capacity is tight due to seasonality.

Freight brokers also offer scalability. They are flexible enough so when you have to scale down during a slow period, they are able to do that easily. They are also able to easily and quickly scale back up during a busy season.

2. Technology

Freight brokers have access to high technology equipment that is designed to provide shippers with the most accurate tracking and performance analytics. With a freight broker you won’t have to invest the time and money into these systems because they have them already.

3. Saves You Money

Working with a freight broker will save you money in the long run. Freight brokers have access to a large database of qualified carriers. Their relationships with these carriers will help to save you money. The large network of carriers freight brokers have relationships with allow freight brokers to offer a variety of services and equipment to you at a competitive, low price.

Consider using a freight broker for your shipping needs. For more information on freight brokers and the services they provide, contact us.

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