3 Threats To The Trucking Industry

The trucking industry first gained traction during World War I, but even before paved roads and automobiles, goods were delivered via train or horse-drawn vehicles. Over the past century, the shipping industry has had its ups and downs, like many other industries. The industry has to change as outside factors, like technology, change. Read about the current changes threatening the trucking industry:

Driver Shortages

There has been a significant truck driver shortage for a few years, and it doesn’t show any sign of improving. The increased demand for trucks to haul merchandise across the country is one of the factors contributing to the shortage. Baby boomers are also starting to retire, causing an even bigger gap in human resources. The best way trucking companies can combat the shortage is to offer competitive pay and benefits to drivers.

Changing Nature Of Freight

Products are changing every day. The shape of new products can create a challenge for truckers. Products that used to be big and bulky (e.g., old box TVs) are now in thin boxes. These new products need to be handled differently. The smaller boxes don’t always fill up a truck, and if a truck isn’t full, it isn’t dispatched. This change in freight types has created an increase in less than truckload (LTL) shipping. In order for trucking companies to cope with the freight changes, they will need to adopt or expand their LTL shipping capabilities.

Deteriorating Infrastructure

There are hundreds of roads and bridges throughout the United States that need major repairs or replacement. The deteriorating roads make it difficult for trucks to get freight to its destination. Also, the current highway construction projects are causing congestion, which causes delays. The delays drive up expenses, including wages and fuel, costing trucking companies more to move a load. Companies should encourage legislative bodies to establish a stable funding source for highway construction and maintenance to combat this issue.

Although there are threats to the trucking industry, it is an essential part of the logistics chain. If there was no trucking, the world would cease as we know it. If you are interested in seeing what the world would be like without trucking, check out this blog.

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