3 Things You Should Know About International Shipping

The world is getting smaller as technology increases. It is becoming more and more necessary for businesses to have global operations. Shipping your products internationally can be a daunting task. Here are three things you should know before you ship internationally.

1. Time

As you may have guessed, shipping products to another country takes longer than domestic shipping. Traveling a farther distance means more stops along the way, increasing chances of delays. Keep this in mind when planning your shipment to ensure it arrives at its destination and on time.

2. Cost

Although shipping your freight to another country may seem like a good idea for your business, make sure you are prepared for the cost. Some international shipping methods can be quite expensive, while other methods are more cost-efficient. Also, it is important to be aware of additional costs of shipping internationally, including fees and tariffs. Customs agencies charge fees for products shipping internationally. Fees vary depending on the country you are shipping to. There are also freight taxes that you will have to pay when you ship internationally. With the risk of damage or lost packages, you may also want to consider paying for insurance on your international shipments.

3. Mode

There are different modes of transportation and ways to ship your product internationally. Consider sea or air transportation methods. Sea transport takes much longer than air, but it is also less expensive. Air is best for fragile freight or freight that needs to be delivered quickly.

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