3 Technologies Used In Logistics

Technology advancements have helped streamline the logistics process. Learn about three technologies used in logistics:

1. Barcode scanning and radio-frequency identification (RIFD) labeling

Barcode scanning methods have advanced to help keep track of packages during the transportation process. Even more advanced than barcode scanning is RIFD labeling.

RIFD labels transmit data wirelessly to track packages and provide real-time data to logistics managers. RIFD labels eliminate the need to scan barcodes, which eliminates the chances of warehouse workers missing a package or not scanning a barcode. Advanced barcode and RIFD labeling methods also allow for timely package delivery to the end user.

2. Mobile computing devices

Smartphones and tablets have created flexibility in the supply chain. Truckers and logistics managers no longer need to be at their desktop computer to view essential information and data. They can access important data on the road or in the warehouse with a smartphone or tablet. Truckers are also able to use the GPS on mobile devices for directions to their destination.

3. Analytics software

Since it was first introduced, analytics software technologies have advanced greatly. Analytics software helps to sort data to identify issues or patterns occurring in the supply chain. Accurate analytics software helps managers keep operations running smoothly.

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