3 Spring Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Cab Clean And Organized

After a long winter, your truck cab may be dirty and unorganized. Spring is the perfect time to start fresh with a clean, organized cab. Follow these tips to have the cleanest cab at the truck stop.

Clean The Carpets

Take some time to vacuum out your cab. The dirt and salt on your shoes from winter has probably transferred to your carpets. If you eat in your cab, there are sure to be crumbs. Cleaning the floors will make a big difference in the appearance of your truck cab. You may even find some loose change or items you lost. If your carpets are extra dirty and you have time, consider shampooing them for an even deeper clean.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Just like the dirt and grime that has built up on your carpets, there will  be dust on other surfaces of your cab, too. Use a disinfecting cleaner or wipes to clean out all the dirt that has settled since the last time you wiped it down. The clean, sparkling dashboard will make everything feel cleaner.

Get Organizers

All of the loose items floating around your cab make it feel cluttered, and when you need something, it will be difficult to find. Keep all of your tools together in a toolbox. When you take a tool out, make sure to put it back where it belongs to keep it organized. To avoid accumulating trash, get a trash bag or bin inside your truck. We recommend taking out the garbage at each stop or at least the end of the day to keep things clean. Cabs are usually short on space, but you can keep papers organized with a seat back organizer. Small tote boxes are also a great option for holding miscellaneous items. They can stack up to save more room, too.

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