3 Benefits Of Pets In Trucking

Many Americans have furry friends, but most people don’t have the opportunity to bring their pet with them to work. Did you know 40 percent of over the road truckers take their pets with them on the road? While truckers are traveling the country, they have the opportunity to have their best friend by their side. There are many benefits to having a pet in the cab.

1. They help keep stress levels down.

Driving a truck in busy traffic can stress out drivers. Plus, hours confined in a small truck cab can take a toll on one’s mood. Pets are proven stress relievers and mood boosters. Even if you’ve had a bad day, one look at a furry pal can instantly change your outlook.

2. They keep you company.

Sitting in the cab can be lonely. Having a pet next to you will keep you company. Even though they won’t respond, you can always talk to your pet!

3. They help you get more exercise.

Sitting still in the truck for hours on end isn’t good for your health. Even when you take a break, there is nothing forcing you to get exercise. Pets, especially dogs, need exercise. When you have a dog in your cab, it is relying on you to get up and take it for a walk. Make sure your dog gets at least one hour of exercise a day especially when the rest of the day he or she will be sitting still in the cab.

Do you travel with a furry friend? If so, we’d love to hear your story! Leave a comment to let us know about your road adventures with your pet.

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