3 Benefits of LTL Shipping

Depending on your shipping needs, LTL shipping may be the best choice for you. If you are still on the fence about using LTL shipping, keep reading. In this article we explain a few of the many benefits of utilizing less than truckload shipping services.

Less than truckload shipping, or LTL shipping, is used when you are shipping small shipments of freight. If what you are shipping won’t fill a whole truck, LTL shipping is a perfect solution. With LTL shipping you share a truck with other shippers who have smaller shipments too.


1. Cost Savings

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing less than truckload shipping is the cost savings to you as the shipper. Since you are only using part of a truck to ship your freight instead of a whole truck, you only pay for the portion of the truck you are using. The pricing structure is different for every LTL shipping company, but generally you will split the cost of the truck with the other shippers utilizing the space in the truck.

In the end you only end up paying for a fraction of the truck; therefore, saving you money.

2. Flexibility

With LTL shipping you gain greater flexibility in how to ship your freight. If you have several smaller shipments, but they are all going to different locations, LTL shipping may be a great choice. You can consolidate those smaller shipments into one load. If you have just one smaller shipment, you can still use LTL shipping and share the truck with other shippers.

LTL shipping is flexible to meet your needs for each shipment.

3. Quicker Delivery

Typically with LTL shipments the delivery time is quicker than if you choose to ship FTL, or full truck load. Since the shipments are smaller for LTL shipping there are fewer logistics to deal with to get the freight to the end point. Also, there are typically fewer weigh-ins and stops with less than truck load shipments, which results in your freight arriving quicker.

If you are interested in learning more about LTL shipping, check out some of our other blog articles that cover this topic.


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