15 (More) Interesting Trucking Facts

There is a lot more to the trucking industry than most people think. That’s why we came up with our first list of 15 Interesting Trucking Facts. But, because we love this industry, we didn’t think one list was enough. Here are 15 more interesting facts about trucking.

1. If you stacked the number of trucks in the U.S. end to end, they would be the exact distance to reach the moon (240,000 mi)

2. Truck engines are typically 6 times larger than car engines and require 12x more gallons of oil

3. Although 2.4% of car accidents involve commercial trucks, 84% are not the truck driver’s fault

4. The longest road train included 112 semi-trailers, and was 4,836 ft. 11 in. long. It occurred on February 18, 2006 in Australia.

5. About 1 in 9 truck drivers in the U.S. are independent

6. In the U.S. truckers drive as much as 200 billion miles in a year, meaning they could have driven to the sun and back 1,000 times.

7. On average $4,422 worth of good are being shipped every second

8. This means a year’s value of shipped goods is $139,463,000,000.

9. The top 5 states with the most trailer registrations are as follows from most to least: Florida, Texas, California, Alabama and Georgia.

10. The first semi-truck was invented in 1898 by Alexander Winton

11. In 2010 there were 6.8 million people working in the trucking industry. In comparison, that’s the same as half of Belgium’s population.

12. 82% of all goods in the U.S. are transported by truck at some point.

13. 75% of American communities rely on trucking alone for delivery

14. Fuel and driver wages accounted for about 62% of the trucking industry cost in 2011.

15. The largest truck manufacturer is Isuzu in Japan. They manufacture over 450,000 commercial vehicles annually.

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