10 Unique Traffic Laws

When you frequently drive across state lines, you may notice each city has different driving laws. Take a look at these 10 unique traffic always you might not know about.

1. Although it isn’t recommended in any state, Connecticut has specifically outlawed hunting from your vehicle, even during deer season.

2. In Dublin, Georgia, it’s illegal to drive through playgrounds.

3. In Derby, Kansas, screeching your tires could cost you 30 days in jail.

4. Make sure you’re keeping it clean in Minnetonka, Minnesota. If you drive a truck that leaves mud, dirt or sticky substances on any road, you are considered a public nuisance.

5. Need to change outfits on the go? Don’t risk it in Sag Harbor, New York, where it is illegal to disrobe while in your car.

6. Keep the interior of your car clean if you’re driving through Hilton Head, South Carolina. It’s illegal to store trash in your vehicle due to rat problems.

7. Not that you would ever want to, but it’s illegal to wear a blindfold while driving in Alabama.

8. Don’t forget your shoes in Alabama; it’s illegal to drive barefoot.

9. If you were looking to change careers and become an ice cream truck driver, avoid Indianola, Iowa, where it has been banned.

10. In Arkansas, it’s illegal to honk your horn after 9 p.m. in any area where cold beverages or sandwiches are served.

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